Individual Relocation

Initial Orientation Services

Which of Berlin’s residential areas are the best match for your preferences and needs? From schools or kindergarten and transport routes to doctors and shopping areas, we will find what suits best.

The Initial Orientation Services Package includes:

  • Orientation tours of neighborhoods (each tour is organized individually after a personal consultation)

  • Interpretation at appointments

Visa & Immigration Services

Depending on your situation you may need a work permit, residence permit, or visa.

The Visa & Immigration Service Package includes:

  • Immigration consultation, including legal advice from an independent lawyer, if required

  • Assistance in organizing your paperwork

  • Accompanying you to appointments and interpreting
    (Foreigners’ Registration Office, Federal Employment Office, etc.)

  • Coordination of your application

We do not provide legal services according to German legal service law (RDG section 2 subsection 1)

Home / Furnished Apartment Finding

Nothing exceeds the importance of finding a suitable home if you want to settle in Berlin.

The Home / Furnished Apartments Services Package includes:

  • Pre-search consultation on requirements for your home

  • Pre-selection of apartments

  • Scheduling of viewings, managing all communication with the real estate agents

  • Accompanying, interpreting, and advising at the viewings

  • Management and submission of your applications

  • Coordination of signing the contract

  • Accompanying at hand-over, supervising the process

Visa and residence applications as well as insurances and banks require a registered physical address in Berlin. We assist in finding a temporary furnished apartment, so that you can take all following steps of your relocation process from there.

We are not a real estate agency and are not responsible for the renting of apartments ourselves. We are a relocation service provider, who helps you to apply for apartments in Berlin through information and interpretation.

Bureaucratic Services

Formal appointments are necessary - and annoying. Our support saves you nerves, costs, and spares you possible mistakes.

There are many todos to think of and our Bureaucratic Services Package can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Services can include:

  • Registration of address

  • Opening a bank account, requesting credit cards

  • Application for health insurance

  • Registration of home utilities (electricity, gas, phone, internet)

  • Registration of a vehicle

  • Getting a resident parking permit

  • Transfer of driver's licence

  • Applying for subsidies, e.g. Kindergeld (child allowance), Elterngeld (maternity/paternity allowance)

  • Registration of pets

We can discuss which specific needs you may have and tailor our services accordingly.

Kindergarten & School Finding

Berlin has a broad variety of child care and schools - both public and private. We help you to find the right one.

This service package includes:

  • Pre-search consultation on your needs

  • Pre-selection of kindergartens or schools

  • Assistance with all communication with school authorities and institutions

  • Management of kindergarten/day care voucher application

  • Accompanying and interpreting at appointments

Family & Lifestyle Services

The success of your relocation depends in no small part on the integration of the whole family into your new community. We work closely together with you and your family to to ensure the best result.

There are many components to the "family & lifestyle equation" that we can assist with. Our Family & Lifestyle Services Package can be customized to meet your family's specific requirements.

Services can include:

  • Intercultural training

  • Language courses

  • Consultation on clubs and memberships (sports, culture) incl. registration

  • Philanthropic connections

  • Interior design services

  • Expectant parent support

  • Nannies and childcare resources

  • Spousal career transition support

  • Cleaning Services

We can discuss which specific needs you may have and tailor our services accordingly.

"Bringing together work and family is a challenge - all the more if you are abroad in a country with a foreign language. My wife and I are both academics and we had 3 boys who needed child care and schooling for our year in Berlin. This was no easy undertaking in Berlin's highly competitive school and daycare landscape, but Jessica managed to organize it all in her calm and efficient manner, coordinating everything, and managing all communication with respective institutions and authorities. We are grateful for Jessica's great support - I do not know how we would have managed without her!"

Haun Saussy, University Professor, Comparative Literature, the Committee on Social Thought, East Asian Languages & Civilizations, The University of Chicago
American Academy in Berlin Fellow

"Due to hostilities in my country, I decided to move to Berlin with my daughters in March 2022. Jessica took care of all the todos for our new life in a very professional manner, relieving me of unnecessary stress. Thanks to her services, we live in one of the best areas of Berlin, my children go to an excellent school, and our health is in the hands of professional doctors. All issues related to the arrangement of our new life in Berlin were resolved by Jessica to the highest level."

Natasha Roy, lawyer, Dnipro, Ukraine

"В марте 2022 года из-за военных действий в моей стране я решила переехать в Берлин со своими дочерьми. Джессика очень профессионально позаботилась обо всех моментах нашей новой жизни, избавив меня от лишнего стресса. Благодаря её услугам мы живем в одном из лучших районов Берлина, мои дети ходят в прекрасную школу и наше здоровье в руках профессиональных врачей. Все вопросы, связанные с обустройством нашего быта были решены на самом высоком уровне."

Рой Наталья, юрист, Днепр, Украина